Roofing Services

From flat to step roofs we’ve got you covered. Our expert team of roofing professionals can certify labor and material for just about every roofing application. Take a look at some of our specialties that we are REALLY good at:


Roof Coatings. Used on flat roofs residential or commercial. Because this is a coating we do not need to remove the old materials, therefore this saves a lot of money to owners. Sealicon coatings are rated for ponding water, are UV protective, and easy to install. Some coating manufactures will give us a 50-year material warranty.


Roof Replacement. Remove and dispose of old roof, install new vapor barrier underlayment, replace any wood that has dry rot or water damage, install new shingles. It is very rare for us not to cut additional roof vents into the new roof. This particular job had three layers of old material to remove, we installed a new Owens Corning Oakridge Shingle in the Teak color and registered the product with Owens Corning for a non prorated labor and material included warranty for 50-years.


Residential flat roofs and or patios. In this picture we used CertainTeed SA, which is a very heavy duty flat roof application used and rated for flat roofs with ponding water for less than 48 hours. With years of experience doing these applications we believe this is the best type of product for these types of applications, the product is very durable, heavy strength, and cost effective.


New Construction. This particular house was built in 2015 in Eagle and we installed a lifetime Eagle Roofing Tile. New construction is an important part of our business, it allows us to stay connected to trends, styles, and try some new products that architects put into the plans. We are able to offer free bids based off a PDF file.


McCall and Valley County Roofing. Roofing in McCall or Valley County is not like Boise, and tends to be a completely different animal because of the extreme elements. The picture of the Lodge at Blackhawk on the River, includes several different products including, Corten metal on the chimneys, CertanTeed Presidential TL shingles, 12 inch standing seam metal panels, and a green roof in back. The picture of the house is in Tamarack and has a lifetime Landmark TL shingle and Corten dormers.