Roof Repair

Not all products are created equally, therefore roof repairs are a big part of our business and we are happy to help with any roofing situation. Here are some examples of some roof repairs that we fix regularly;


Wind Damage. Usually what we see is the shingles have plenty of life left in them unfortunately wind has been driven dust under the shingles for some time and this dirt collects on the sticky tar tabs that seal the shingles together. Over time those sticky tar tabs loose their seal and that’s when Dorthy takes over and takes the shingles with her. Usually the hardest part of this repair is finding a color match.


Believe it or not even the best builders build something with a bad roof design. We several in the Boise area, this is probably the most common where the roof slope comes down and ends in a flat cricket. Water needs slope and when there is not enough slope bad stuff happens over time. Shingles are not water proof so redesigning trouble areas like this cricket is something we see often.


Pipe flashings are on every roof, they have a rubber boot that covers the pipe, because of the harmful sun rays the rubber will crack and deteriorate over time and need to be replaced. This rubber boot usually does not last as long as the rest of the roof and needs to be replaced after about 15-20 years.


Plastic box vents were a thing of the 80’s and early 90’s because of there attractive low cost. The problem was most roofers installed them with staples or nails into the plastic, the plastic expands and contracts in the ambient temperatures that Boise has. The plastic cracks wherever a nail or staple has been installed, and over time this crack will become big enough it will create leaks.


Commercial roofs are generally flat and don’t provide enough slope for water. The majority of flat roof applications are not rated for ponding water for more than 48 hours. Different types of applications will require different types of repairs, however in roofing everything is fixable and we always love a challenge.